“The sound development of the capital market and the sustainable growth of companies”

This is Namuh Rhee, the third Chairman of the Korean Corporate Governance Forum. 

The Korea Corporate Governance Forum (KCGF) is a FSC registered non-profit organization established by institutional investors and experts in the financial investment industry who uphold corporate value. 

The KCGF aims to improve the corporate governance of Korean conglomerates, which is currently heavily concentrated in the hands of a small number of individual controlling shareholders. We believe that this concentration of power hinders the sound development of the capital market and the sustainable growth of companies. By addressing this issue, we hope to contribute to the sustainable development of the Korean economy as a whole. 

The KCGF engages in a variety of activities to achieve its mission, including supporting academic research, raising public awareness, proposing alternative legal and institutional frameworks and engaging with the government and the National Assembly. 

The KCGF has been a leading voice in the corporate governance debate in Korea. Our work has helped to raise awareness of the importance of corporate governance among policymakers, business leaders, and the general public. We have also made significant contributions to the development of legal and institutional reforms. 

We look forward to your continued interest and participation.

- Namuh Rhee -